Karim Ziad

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Jazz History, Vol. 1 (feat. Pierre Comblat, Linley Marthe & Karim Ziad)
In Thinko (feat. Chris Jennings & Karim Ziad)

Karim Ziad (b. 1966) is an Algerian jazz drummer and percussionist, who also sings and plays guitar and gimbri (a three-stringed plucked lute originating in West Africa, but now traditional in Moroccan and Algerian music). Born and brought up in Algeria, Ziad moved to Paris when he was twenty and quickly became involved with the jazz and "world-music" scene there. He has played with Cheb Mami, the WDR Big Band, the Zawinul Syndicate, and Nguyên Lê, as well as releasing his own albums. Ziad combines traditional rhythms from North Africa and the Maghreb with European and American sounds – especially jazz, but he has also been involved in various cross-genre projects.