Maya Hobeika

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لو تكتبلي بيوت
لو بتضلك تحكي
خليني الليلة
ورق احمر

Maya Hobeika is a Lebanese singer and oud player. She was born into a family of musicians and singers, which helped her discover her musical talent at a very young age. Education: In addition to her Oud Studies at the Lebanese National Conservatory, Maya had both a classical western training with Professor Leila Dabaghi and a classical oriental training with the late Rafic Hobeika. She started her career by performing works from the Classical Middle Eastern repertoire in several concerts. in addition, she was the leading soloist at the LAU classical choir where she performed solo works from Medieval Music to Modern contemporary music. Performances: Maya had many solo Concerts in Beirut’s Theatres in addition to her participation in music festivals like Mishkal Festival (3 editions), Fete de la Musique, Dhour Shweir Festival, and the LAU International Theatre Festival. In January 2015, she had a sold out concert at Beirut’s Prestigious “Rose House”. Releases: In September 2013, she released her first album “WARD”. In the album, she collaborated with songwriter Jad Hobeika on a musical fusion between Eastern and Western musical styles. “WARD” was reviewed positively by many critics in the Middle east and it was considered as a very promising musical project. The album which is a total independent production made it to the list of the Top selling albums in the Virgin megastores in Lebanon . In November 2016 she released her single Aabwab Habibi" along with a music video. The song was recorded in the USA with members of the Civic orchestra of Chicago. As for the music video, it was also shot in the USA. Maya is in a continuous search for a new style that encompasses both her experience in Western and Eastern music styles.