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ΔRTHUR is an independent artist, writer, lyricist & musician from Lebanon. He showed interest in the acting/music industry at a very young age. He started writing lyrics since 2007 & then started composing on his laptop since 2012, until he crossed paths with artists such as Baso DM in 2016 who then encouraged him to pursue a music career. In 2017, they recorded their first song “Cool”, then took on more collabs & gave life to the successful “Closer”, which garnered a lot of attention and still does. ΔRTHUR improved since then & decided to start off with a personal debut album called “Blucifer”, speaking about his experiences & struggles in it since 2015 till 2019, the album spawned the underrated popular song “Heal”. His main focus is Dubstep, Nu Disco, Deep House, Techno & EDM, with a mixture of other genres as well as fusions his own way. Outside of music, he focuses on writing scripts in arabic, & he is in the process of writing 2 english novels. Having graduated from audiovisual in 2013 at the age of 19, he seeks to pursue an acting career later on as well, he also loves to focus on gaming in his free time fully. Currently working on 3 albums after releasing “Revenge on Halloween” on Oct 10 2020, he plans to release “Party Shakers”, a deep house record planned for mid 2022 with 2 french tracks, a yet untitled arabic EP with 5 songs planned for 2024 & “GLOW” for 2023-2024 in two parts, which will be a mix of Progressive and Deep House alongside R&B and Soft Rock.