John Dahlbäck

410.4K Plays
Count To Ten (feat. Alexx Mack)
Catch Me If You Can (feat. Melanie Fontana)
The Unknown (Radio Edit)
Like You Used To (Radio Edit)
Stardust (Radio Edit)

John Dahlbäck (born 13 October 1985) is a Swedish house music producer and DJ currently based in Stockholm, Sweden. He is also known with other stage names as Hug, Huggotron, Jetboy of Beckster and notably Kaliber. He also collaborated with his cousin Jesper Dahlbäck in duo musical projects. These include "Hugg & Pepp" and "Pepp & Kaliber" (with Pepp being the stage name of Jesper and Hugg / Kalib ...