Hiba Tawaji

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Hiba Tawaji is a Lebanese trilingual singer, actress & director. Since 2008, she has firmly established herself in the Lebanese music scene and the Arab world, where she is recognized for her achievements, versatility, incredible vocal range and stage performance incarnating youth, modernism, and tradition. She was noticed very early on by one of the most influential producers and composers in the Middle East, Oussama Rahbani and they have since collaborated on multiple projects, and released 3 studio albums in Arabic: “La Bidayi wala Nihayi” (2011), “Ya Habibi” (2014), "Hiba Tawaji 30" (2017), and a Christmas Album in Arabic & English “Hallelujah” (2017), each album gaining the critics’ and public’s acclaim. Hiba has performed on some of the most prestigious stages throughout the Arab World. The Rahbani family, pioneers in musical plays in the Arab world, entrusted Hiba with the leading roles in 4 of their creations. In 2015, Hiba participated in the 4th season of The Voice in France, and after a successful journey that was highly praised by the public and the media, she made it to the semi-finals. In 2016, Hiba is chosen to incarnate « Esmeralda », for the return of France’s most internationally successful ever musical play Notre Dame de Paris in Paris. She has since appeared on major French TV channels and international news programs and has been touring non-stop with the troupe. In 2017, she was the very first female singer to ever perform on stage in Saudi Arabia.