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Louis Sharpe (born August 25, 1966), better known by his stage names K7 or Kayel, is a Puerto-Rican-American musician and pop-oriented hip-hop emcee . From the U.S., K7 is the frontman of the Latin freestyle group TKA. He is signed to Tommy Boy Records. In 1993, K7 released the album, Swing Batta Swing, which featured three singles that reached pop radio: "Zunga Zeng," (produced by Frankie Cutlass) "Hi-De-Ho" (also notably on The Mask film soundtrack), and K7's biggest hit, "Come Baby Come", which reached #18 on the Billboard Hot 100, and #3 on the UK Singles Chart. K7 worked on the air on New York City's radio stations Hot97, WKTU. K7 released another album in 2002 called Love, Sex, Money. K7, along with the other members of TKA, still tours and performs in nightclubs around the U.S. K7 also has a new album out, released in March 2009, called The King's Agenda available on iTunes.