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Ahzee started spinning in his parents basement as a hobby that soon turned into a passion. Music quickly became his life and soon enough he wanted to do more with his talent. He wanted to create his own sounds and share it with the world. He knew that making music would be hard work and he welcomed the challenge. He has not only risen the bar in creating extremely innovative and unique sounds in the EDM space but also loves being connected to his fans. For him his fans inspire his music. He loves hyping the crowd and does a performance that overflows with energy and his signature #ahzeedrop! Over the last 2 years he has produced several chart topping songs in Europe. His songs have been signed to major labels including BIP, Happy Music, Sony, Universal, CAT Music and Ultra Records His music can be classified as progressive, electro house with some Mediterranean influences. His journey is just beginning and Ahzee will continue to perfect his craft and live by the motto to always strive to be better than himself.