Roberto Brandi

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Roberto Brandi was born in Florence (Italy). When he began to play guitar in his early teenage years he was self taught but then moved to a more professional approach in his late teens. His style and his type of music revolved around folk – country – alt country – rock scene. His favourite artists who inspired him were: Jackson Browne, Joni Mitchell, Neil Young, CSNY, Peter Frampton, Dan Fogelberg and John Mellencamp. In those early years he was a very prolific writer and an active performer, as a solo artist on the road and as a support to known artists. He went travelling around the world and played as a busker (DUBLIN, SAN FRANCISCO, DUSSELDORF Amsterdam, London, etc.) also collaborated with Livio Guardi (banjo/guitar player now playing with Tom Russell). He also played in a few jam sessions with PIETRO SABATINI (Whisky Trail) who encouraged him to carry on with his passion for music. He founded together with his friend Simone Massaccese the legendary WILD HORSES. The band was selected to participate at the Rock Contest (a showcase for young bands in Florence) and received very good reviews from both the public and music critics. After this well received first performance, he then participated in the show another 3 times with the Dead Flowers, Halleluja Jordan (Italian rock) and the Wild Angels (hard rock). In those years he actively participated in talent shows such as: Tu come noi, presented by Pippo Baudo, Karaoke hosted by Fiorello and the selection for Sanremo festival. His performances were positively received by the music critics While making some appearances in fashion shows and advertisements, he had the urge to explore the production music side and embarked on a year long course at the recording studios Parsifal as a sound engineer. He studied guitar with fingerpicking’s teacher Giovanni Unterberger at School Lizard and also took lessons in singing, keyboards, mandolin, bouzouki and bohdran. While performing live he got spotted by Massimiliano Brogi (Max Bronx, Shabby Trick and also VASCO ROSSI’ leading guitar player) and got invited to collaborate on a record. This collaboration would continue for another 5 years under the name of Bolero. On February 2, 2015 the new single "The Way of the Icy Stones" was officially released in all the best stores worldwide. Now after a long absence from the music scene he is working on a new cd with brand new songs and a live mini tour.