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* I love sharing my songs with you, wherever you are in the world Get to know me better on insta (@hanamalhas). My fav place though is at live shows! * 
 Bio stuff: Hana is a powerful performer camouflaging an introverted lyricist. On stage, her intense setlist takes you on a rollercoaster of unapologetic emotions. On streaming sites, her catalog is a pendulum of nostalgia and reality; fantasy and truth. Malhas is fierce in her delivery and delicate in her songwriting. 
 Hana’s track listing features songs in both Arabic and English. Her upcoming Arabic releases are scheduled for Jan and Feb 2022. 
 @How We Love , (released in 2021) is a remake of the demo that debuted in 2012 and was nominated for the Independent Music Award Singer-songwriter category alongside the Passenger’s Let Her Go. 
 In 2018, Nasi (full-length album) showcased her first metamorphosis to an electro-acoustic sound while maintaining the raw vulnerability in expression that defined her earlier more acoustic EPs (2012, 2010). Nasi was featured in Universal Music MENA's compilation 'Now: Best of Indie Arabia Volume II. 
 Hana is a prominent figure in the alternative Arabic music scene, both for her original content, as a featured artists on other artists’ tracks, and as the founder of BalaFeesh, a platform that showcases live performance videos and collaborations of the region’s best independent musicians.