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Hana is a powerful performer camouflaging an introverted lyricist. Her music is raw vulnerability with an edge of fierceness. HM’s songs are lyrically-driven electro-acoustic tracks in Arabic and English, with an indie-alternative vibe.
 On stage, her intense setlist takes you on a rollercoaster of unapologetic emotions, as the Jordanian multi-instrumental singer-songwriter moves between keys and guitar. On streaming sites, her catalog is a pendulum of fantasy and truth. Her upcoming Arabic single 'Mazar' is scheduled for March 9, 2022. 
 In Jan 2022, she released a unique electronic rendition of Mohammed Abdel Wahab’s Ya Msafer Wahdak produced by @No-One (Amr Shomali), highlighting the lyrical richness of Arabic classics and appealing to listeners across borders and generations.
 How We Love (2021 produced by Nasir AlBashir) is a remake of the demo that debuted in 2012 and was nominated for the Independent Music Award Singer-songwriter category alongside Let Her Go.
 In 2018, Nasi (album produced by Khaled Nimry) showcased her metamorphosis to an electro-acoustic sound. Nasi was featured in Universal Music MENA's compilation 'Now: Best of Indie Arabia Volume II.
 Hana is a prominent figure in the alternative Arabic music scene, both for her original content, as a featured artists on other artists’ tracks, and as the founder of BalaFeesh, a platform that showcases the region’s best independent musicians.