Frankie J

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Si Una Vez ((If I Once)[Spanglish Version]) [feat. Frankie J, Becky G & Kap G]
Si Una Vez ((If I Once)[English Version]) [feat. Frankie J, Becky G & Kap G]
Suga Suga (feat. Frankie J)
Don't Wanna Try
Si Una Vez (If I Once) [feat. Wisin, Frankie J & Leslie Grace]
With You (feat. Raz B & Paul Wall)
Angels (feat. Frankie J)
Tears On My Heart (feat. Frankie J)

Francisco Javier Bautista, Jr. (born December 7, 1976), better known by his stage name Frankie J, is a Mexican American singer and former member of the musical group Kumbia Kings. Born in Tijuana, he grew up in San Diego and became a freestyle artist under the stage name Frankie Boy in the late 1990s. After his debut freestyle album was shelved, he joined Kumbia Kings. Frankie J's solo debut album, What's a Man to Do, was released in 2003, followed by some more English and Spanish language albums.