Bow Wow

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Let Me Hold You (Radio Version) [feat. Omarion]
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Let Me Hold You feat. Omarion
My Pain
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Shake Dat (Twerk Mix) [feat. Bow Wow]

Bow Wow is an influential hard rock/heavy metal band formed in Japan in 1975. They renamed themselves to Vow Wow in 1984, before moving to England in 1987 and disbanding in 1990. Guitarist and vocalist Kyoji Yamamoto reformed Bow Wow in 1995 with all new members, before original members Mitsuhiro Saito and Toshihiro Niimi rejoined him three years later. In Japan their best-selling album is 1990's Mountain Top which reached number 16 on the Oricon chart, and also featured the band's best-selling single "Tell Me". Internationally their best-selling album is Helter Skelter, which reached number 75 on the UK Albums Chart.