Nino Josele

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Las Cosas de Amores
Granada enamora (feat. Estrella Morente)
Ranchada de los Paraguayos
Rapsodia Andaluza (feat. Niño Josele)

Niño Josele (born Juan José Heredia in 1974 in Almería) is a Spanish guitarist, and exponent of the New Flamenco style. His first two albums show a vibrant, pure, modern flamenco style. He then released a tribute to Bill Evans' music via his album Paz, showing his versatility as a musician. Having originated in a flamenco background, Josele adapts to complicated jazz music themes as well as creating his own mixture of various genres in his own compositions. He has participated in the award-winning short film Almendros los Plaza Nueva and "La sombra de las cuerdas" 2009 (By Annabelle Ameline,Benoît Bodlet & Chechu G.Berlanga), a portrait of the guitar genius "El Niño Miguel".