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The young rising star Hussam Aseem (aka “flipp” or “flipperachi”) is recognized as being one of the few passionate and devoted Arab rappers in Bahrain and the Middle East as a whole. Although his culture divides between those of Bahrain and Morocco, flipp knew that this was an advantage for him in order to fuse with the western community and allow the Arab world to cross the waters that had always seemed too deep to swim across. Flipp first discovered his sheer passion for music at the age of only 12 years old “I like all kinds of music, but when I started to understand that music was about the taste to one , I eventually discovered my main “taste” which was the Hip Hop flavor in 1998” He says. In 2003, Flipp was already developing his skills into a higher level. Determined to do something with what he had, he would not let his music be gone with the wind. “I started doing my own music since 2003 by rhyming any word coming through my mind and relating the subject to a specific topic with meaningful terms”. However, Flipp always knew that there was more beyond the four walls of his bedroom. By considering the pessimistic mentalities and remarks he constantly received about being an Arab- born rapper from a very young age, Flipp converted this energy into a motivational drive to voice his certain situations, feelings or emotions until he breaks through. With his burst of energy and explosive lyrics he soon mastered, Flipp puts Bahrain and the entire region on the musical map. Having the same passion, energy, goals and remarkable talent, it was not long until Flipp met the already well-known Dj/Producer “Dj Outlaw and in 2008, Flipp joined Outlaw Productions- The leading Hip Hop organization in Bahrain, which resulted in him being part of Dj Outlaw’s “History In The Making” studio album featuring local artists, as well as internationally known stars of the music world - which launched in the markets as well as all digital music distribution companies. Since then, He has worked with many artists around the world , and is found on “The Middle East Invasion” mixtape series volume 1 and 2 (which features the best of what the Middle East has to offer) and achieved performances on countless occasions such as at the Formula One, the Red House Hip Hop music festival featuring Hot Rod of G-unit, the Formula One Race zone venue , Bud Music’s “Finley Quaye” event and much more, as well as hosting for many shows within the region.