Pantelis Thalassinos

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Pandelis Thalassinos (Greek: Παντελής Θαλασσινός), also spelled Pantelis, is a Greek singer and song-writer. He was born in Piraeus on 11 June 1958. His father, Michalis, hailed from the island of Chios while his mother, Evangelia from Serifos. He began performing in 1977, while also working in a shipping company until 1987, with the exception of his 22-month army service in 1980-81. Since then, he has devoted himself to his musical career. He co-founded the Lathrepivates ("stowaways") group in 1986. Following its dissolution in 1991, he returned to his native Chios, where he founded the Myrovolos live stage. He returned to Athens and live performances in 1994, and is currently member of the Triphono group. Pantelis Thalassinos has released six personal albums and has participated in more than 30, as a composer or guest singer.