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Lo Que Me Gusta de Ti (Remasterizado)
Otra Canción (feat. Buenas Noches Rose)

Pereza (Spanish for “laziness”) is a Spanish rock group from Alameda de Osuna (Madrid) comprising Rubén Pozo Prats and José Miguel Conejo Torres artistically known as Rubén and Leiva. They have recorded six albums Pereza, Algo para cantar (Something to Sing), Animales (Animals), Los amigos de los animales (The Animal’s Friends), Aproximaciones (Approximations) released in the summer of 2007, Aviones (Aeroplanes), released in August 2009, and a last compilation that includes two previously unreleased discs: “Mama Quiero Ser una Estrella del Rock'n’Roll” (Mama I Want to be a Rock’n’Roll Star) and “Baires”, recorded and mixed in Argentina. The group has also released two DVDs. The first was called Algo para encantar (Something to Enchant) and it contains videos from their previous album Algo para cantar and some live tracks. The second DVD is called Barcelona, which is a recording of a live concert in that city along with a CD called Rarezas (Rarities), which contains previously unreleased tracks from the band’s early days.