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Cătălina Ioana aka Kate Linn has been riding the sweet waves of success in South Eastern Europe and the Middle East since she was 16 years old. Her sound, a perfectly balanced combination between Balkanic influences and soft dance music, has brought Kate Linn two Golden Palm awards in Turkey: Most Popular Song for Zaynah (2017) and Best Foreign Artist (2018). The Turkish radio stations have embraced Kate Linn’s songs full hearted: Your Love, a 70 million plays hit, reached the no. 1 spot for several weeks. Turkey feels like a second home for Kate Linn, with weekly trips there for concerts, radio interviews and TV appearances. Thunderlike, released under the same Thrace Music signature sound, is now close to the 30 million plays mark. After a handful of smash hits that gathered more than 100 million plays to date, Kate Linn reaches her loyal fans with yet another bomb track: On My Way. Oriental bits melt into modern basslines to create the perfect sunset anthem. In early 2021 Kate Linn finally returns with a new hit single, Durum. As the title states “Durum” is not just a song, it’s a feeling, a mood you wanna experience at full speed. That catchy chorus will get you singing in no time! And there’s more! Kate Linn got together with Monoir to create this deep but melodic blend for you, which we can agree was the perfect decision! Close your eyes and imagine you’re in the club partying with your besties, or even with Kate and Monoir, why not?