Stabbing Westward

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Truth Is Sin (Shame On You Remix) [feat. Stabbing Westward]

Stabbing Westward was an American industrial rock band. They formed in 1985 in Macomb, Illinois and began recording in the 1990s. The band announced a dissolution in 2002. Regarding the band's name, Andy Kubiszewski said: "essentially when Chris and Walter were putting the band together, they had a gig and there was a deadline for a name for the band, so they pulled out a bunch of album covers and they pulled out a record cover and it had an excerpt from, I believe it was an Eisenhower speech, where he was talking about communism coming to the west and he used the phrase "stabbing westward," and they went oh well, "Stabbing Westward", that will work." In truth, the phrase was used in a 1947 newsreel and spoken by an unknown announcer. The newsreel is included as part of the 1982 documentary film The Atomic Cafe.