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Steadman is a British indie rock band, formed in Hastings in 1998. The band's original name was The Dharmas, but they changed the name after they canceled their contract with the label Arista, and signed with lead singer Simon Steadman's own label, Freeloader Recordings. Steadman's first album, Loser Friendly, was released in the United Kingdom in 2000. Steadman released their second album, Revive, in 2003, which was produced by Alain Johannes and Natasha Shneider. The last iteration of the lineup employed lead singer Simon Steadman, guitarist James Board, bass guitarist David Walton, drummer Russel Field, and keyboardist Chris Murphy. Steadman's sound is clearly influenced by the Britpop-bands Oasis and Radiohead. The band has also been compared to Richard Ashcroft's band The Verve. Though Steadman has not seen much success, the band has got many good reviews, most notably from Sir Paul McCartney, who endorsed the band in a handwritten note handed to them after having showed up at one of their gigs in the United Kingdom. Mid 2005 Steadman said "Steal this Music!!" and released their music as free downloads on their website under a Creative Commons licence.