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Straightener (ストレイテナー, Sutoreitenā?) is a Japanese alternative rock band. The band started out as a duo with Atsushi Horie (vocals/guitar) and Shinpei Nakayama (drums) in 1998. They established an independent label named Ghost Records in 2002. Hidekazu Hinata joined the band as bassist in 2003, giving the band a heavier sound. In October of the same year they released a single, "Traveling Gargoyle" from Toshiba EMI. Straightener have performed at numerous festivals and live tours. The band toured all over Japan during their Linear tour in 2007. Their latest tour will be a joint tour in December 2013 with Asian Kung-Fu Generation to celebrate both bands' 10-year anniversaries. Both bands will perform in Korea, Singapore, and Taiwan along with a local band of each country.