Taking Dawn

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The Way You Bleed
I Love Las Vegas

Taking Dawn are a heavy metal band from Las Vegas, Nevada. They were signed to major American record label Roadrunner Records in 2009. The band toured throughout 2010 Supporting Airbourne in March. They supported acts such as Kiss, Slash, Trivium, All that Remains and Halestorm, DragonForce and Theory of a Deadman among others. Taking Dawn played many festivals including DOWNLOAD in Europe and SOUNDWAVE in Australia. The band was originally called 7th Son in tribute to the iconic Iron Maiden album Seventh Son of a Seventh Son. In late 2010 drummer Alan Doucette left the band due to trouble on the road and was replaced by Carlo Mazzone. Mikey Cross announced the band is over and they are all pursuing different musical ventures. This personal Facebook post by Mikey Cross was not acknowledged or corroborated by Taking Dawn. No formal statement was issued by founding band members Christopher Babbitt or Andrew Cushing, who continue to write and record new material for the follow-up album to Time to Burn with their new guitarist Steven Anderson. Taking Dawn has since re-branded under the moniker Devils Run. Since the re-brand, Devils Run have released a teaser for upcoming song "Burn the Night Out" and a full length song "Secrets".