The 411

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The 411 was a four-piece short-lived English female R&B group formed in late 2003. The band formed after a couple of the members sang backup vocals on Lemar's version of Al Green's "Let's Stay Together". The band took its name after the 1992 Mary J. Blige album What's the 411?. During their time together as a group, they released one studio album Between the Sheets and three top-forty singles before disbanding in 2005. The band reformed in 2007 under new name Sunshyne with two new members due to Furlonger quitting a few months before; the band soon changed back to their original name and the two new members left with just the three original members in the band. Martin announced in 2008 via her own personal Myspace account that the band had yet again split but still remained friends and that they would possibly release new material in the near future.