The 88

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No One Here
You Belong To Me
Everybody Needs A Thneed (feat. The Lorax Singers)
All 'Cause of You
Everybody Needs A Thneed (feat. The Lorax Singers)
You Need A Thneed (feat. The Lorax Singers)
Biggering (Original Demo) [feat. The Lorax Singers]

The 88 is a four-piece power pop band based in Los Angeles, California. Adam Merrin and Keith Slettedahl, who were friends in high school, founded the band in 2002. They have released six full length albums as of 2014, and were the backing band for the Ray Davies Fall 2011 US Tour. The band has also previously opened for acts like The Smashing Pumpkins, The B-52's, Matt Costa, 311, and Flaming Lips. High profile song placements in video games, films, commercials, and popular TV shows have helped to earn the band a growing audience. In 2012, the band co-scored the Jennifer Westfeldt movie Friends with Kids. Their track "At Least It Was Here" is the opening theme song for the television series Community.