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Canaan Records is a Christian record label and is a subsidiary of Word Entertainment. It was started in 1965 by founder Marvin Norcross as a vehicle for the label's Southern Gospel quartets. Their biggest artist to date is that of the Happy Goodman Family. After being absent from the southern gospel music industry for several years, Word Entertainment revived the Canaan Records label in 2007, placing Dave Clark as the General Manager of the label and announcing Canaan's relaunch on June 6, 2007. The first group to sign with the label after the relaunch was southern gospel veteran group, The Hoppers, who released their first Canaan Records album, The Ride on September 4, 2007. Early labels were red with black print. Later, the label changed to black with a color logo and a distinctive vertical row of colored dots down the middle of the label. In the mid-1980s, the label changed to a full color label showing a desert town (presumably Canaan) at sunset, with colors fading from green to yellow to orange in the sky, and tones of brown for the sand. For the 2007 relaunch of Canaan Records, the logo was changed to display the word "Canaan" in a script-style font with the word "RECORDS" below in a sans-serif font, with the label name surrounded on either side by arching curves, implying an oval shape around the words. In 2009 Word Records again closed the doors on Canaan Records; Word continues to release "The Canaan Vault" collection on iTunes; remastered past recordings from the 1960s, '70s and '80s strictly for digital download. Wonderful Time Up There - Plainsmen Quartet Florida Boys in Nashville - Florida Boys Quartet Gospel Singing Jubilee I - Various Artists Songs of Happiness - LeFevres Lily of the Valley - Rebels The Blue Ridge Quartet - Blue Ridge Quartet The Fourth Man - Vanguards Sacred Gems - Rebels The Sensational Sounding Couriers Quartet - Couriers Quartet Born to Serve the Lord - Harvesters Quartet Echoing - Dixie Echoes The Plainsmen Quartet, Volume 1 - Plainsmen Quartet The Plainsmen Quartet, Volume 2 - Plainsmen Quartet I'm Too Near Home - The Happy Goodman Family The Best of the Happy Goodmans - The Happy Goodman Family The Love of God - Blue Ridge Quartet It's a Wonderful Feeling - The Happy Goodman Family Singing Gospel Jubilee, Volume 2 - Various Artists The Little Man with the Big Voice - Hal Kennedy Sing Unto the Lord - Couriers Quartet Look Up to Jesus - Florida Boys Quartet Who Am I - Blue Ridge Quartet Coming On Strong - Dixie Echoes & Hal Kennedy Walk, Talk, and Sing - Tall Men Quartet Together - Harvesters Quartet & Oak Ridge Boys Oh So Many Reasons - Harvesters Quartet Come On Let's Sing - Weatherford Quartet What a Happy Time - The Happy Goodman Family Singing Through Life - Florida Boys Quartet Bigger 'N' Better - The Happy Goodman Family Up Tempo - Florida Boys Quartet Dwayne Friend Picks Happy Goodman Hits - Dwayne Friend 1965 Sermon - Hovie Lister The Country, Gospel Style of the Hemphills - Hemphills Listen to Those Smooth Weatherfords - Weatherfords Good 'N' Happy - The Happy Goodman Family Blue Ridge Quartet Sings America's 12 Favorite Hymns - Blue Ridge Quartet 1966 Sermon - Hovie Lister Make Happy Tracks - Florida Boys Quartet Steel Away - Pete Drake High and Easy - Coy Cook Beauty, Power and Peace - Prophets The World of Ike Davis - Ike Davis The Happy Gospel of the Happy Goodman Family - The Happy Goodman Family Songs We Can't Stop Singing - Blue Ridge Quartet Gospel Songs the Country Way - Hal Kennedy In Gospel Country - Hemphills I'm Happy Now - Steve Sanders Exciting & Inspiring - Dixie Echoes Quartet America's Gospel Classics - Various Artists Sing Out the Good News - Blue Ridge Quartet Kinda Country - Florida Boys Quartet Little Steve Sings Big - Steve Sanders We're Happy Christians - Lowell Lundstrom Team Portrait of Excitement - The Happy Goodman Family Dearest To My Heart - Jack Holcomb Singing Time - John Stalls Family Green, Green, Grass of Home - Blue Ridge Quartet Gospel Classics, Volume 2 - Various Artists Ride N' High - Thrasher Brothers The Best Is Yet to Come - LeFevres LeFevres Play Gospel Music! - LeFevres This Happy House - The Happy Goodman Family Your Kind of Singing - Florida Boys Quartet Take Us Home With You - Singing Hemphills Running Free! - Lowell Lundstrom Team ...And That's Enough - Blue Ridge Quartet Gospel Sessions - Ike Davis This Is My Valley - Steve Sanders The Happy Guitar of Ernie Maxwell - Ernie Maxwell Gospel Time-Happy Time! - Various Artists Gospel Fiesta - Gailileans LeFevres Present Pierce & Mylon - LeFevres Turning It On - Thrasher Brothers Ride That Glory Train with the Blue Ridge Quartet - Blue Ridge Quartet The Lewis Family Sings In Gospel Country - Lewis Family The Thrasher Brothers at Fantastic Caverns - Thrasher Brothers Talk About the Good Times - Wendy Bagwell & Sunliters This, That and the Other - Wendy Bagwell The Many Moods of the Florida Boys - Florida Boys Quartet ...In the Springtime of His Years - Steve Sanders Good Times with the Happy Goodman Family - The Happy Goodman Family Make It Happen - Gailileans Moving Up - LeFevres Rise and Shine with the Blue Ridge Quartet - Blue Ridge Quartet I'm Thankful Lord - Lowell Lundstrom Team Old Brush Arbor Days - Singing Hemphills A Little Bit of Everything - Cathedral Quartet The Old Cajer Bagwell Place - Wendy Bagwell & Sunliters Lewis Country - Lewis Family Now Hear This - Thrasher Brothers Today - Four Gallileans Fifty Golden Years - LeFevres Sand in Their Shoes and a Song in Their Hearts - Florida Boys Quartet Hallelujah! - Vestel Goodman Everything's Alright - Cathedral Quartet There's a Great Day Coming - Blue Ridge Quartet You Won't Believe This (Live in Langdale) - Wendy Bagwell & Sunliters Beautiful - Colorful Lewis Family The Bright New Sound of the National Gospel Band - National Gospel Band Now - Steve Sanders Those Singing Americans...Are Coming Your Way - Thrasher Brothers Our Inspiration - Inspirations Wanted Live - The Happy Goodman Family Leave Your Sorrows and Come Along - The Happy Goodman Family Wake Up In Glory - Inspirations Make Mine Gospel - Singing Hemphills Best by a Country Mile - Lewis Family The Dove Awards, 1971 - Various Artists Encore - Four Gallileans I'm Looking for That Day - Lundstroms On the Move - Blue Ridge Quartet Solid Gospel by the Florida Boys - Florida Boys Welcome To Our World - Cathedral Quartet By Your Request - Wendy Bagwell & Sunliters Meet Me In Canaanland! - Various Artists Old Time Singin' - Inspirations America Sings - Thrasher Brothers Just Us - Lewis Family The New Sounds of the LeFevres - LeFevres Gospel Banjo - Little Roy and the Lewis Family Now and Always - LeFevres I Had a Dream - Wendy Bagwell & Sunliters We Shall Rise - Inspirations Sweet Zion's Song - Hemphills Travelin' with the Lundstroms - Lundstroms The Thrasher Brothers Come Alive - Thrasher Brothers The Blue Ridge Quartet Puts It Together - Blue Ridge Quartet Country Sunday in Georgia - Lewis Family Better Than Ever - Florida Boys Gospel Music to Believe In: The Dove Awards, 1972 - Various Artists The Last Sunday - Cathedral Quartet The World of Laverne Tripp - Laverne Tripp Pick These - Thrasher Brothers The Legendary Goodmans - The Happy Goodman Family Mama - Wendy Johnson & Messengers The Lewis Family Lives in a Happy World - Lewis Family What a Difference Jesus Makes - Florida Boys The Inspirations Sing About Touring that City - Inspirations The Carpenter's Tool - Wendy Bagwell & Sunliters Happiness Is Gospel - LeFevres Gospel '73 - Various Artists Holy Happy Hour - Bob Harrington The Lundstroms' Television Special - Lundstroms Sing Me a Gospel Song - Lundstroms When I Wake Up (To Sleep No More) - Inspirations One Day at a Time - Thrasher Brothers Big and Live - Kingsmen Quartet When Jesus Comes in the Clouds - Wendy Johnson Lord, Let Me Be There - Jimmie Davis True Gospel - Florida Boys High in Gospel Country - Lewis Family 1686 Pounds of Gospel - Kingsmen The Happy Goodman Family Hour - The Happy Goodman Family A Fugitive from God - Lundstroms Stepping on the Clouds - LeFevres More to Go to Heaven For - Inspirations Gospel Music Association's Top 10 of 1974 - Various Artists Christ Is My Sunshine - Jimmie Davis & Singers Our Statue of Liberty - Cathedral Quartet Jubilation! - Kingsmen He Was Talkin' About Me - Wendy Bagwell & Sunliters Absolutely Lewis - Lewis Family Bustin' Out Laffin' - Wendy Bagwell & Sunliters Livin' Happy - Lundstroms With You in Mind - Wendy Johnson First Class Gospel - Florida Boys I'm Taking a Flight - Inspirations Heart to Heart - Thrasher Brothers Have Fun on Me - Bob Harrington Covered By Warmth - The Happy Goodman Family Living By Faith - Jimmie Davis 24 Carat Gospel - Kingsmen Flatt Gospel - Lester Flatt With Nashville Grass For Keeps - Cathedral Quartet Experience - LeFevres Just a Little talk with Jesus - Cleavant Derricks Golden Street Parade - Inspirations The Spirit in '76 - Wendy Bagwell & Sunliters Singer - Rusty Goodman Family Style Gospel - Lewis Family Good Times Are Coming - Singing Christians Here They Come - Florida Boys Gospel Music Association's Top Ten of 1975 - Various Artists Live - Jimmie Davis The Gospel According To Music - Various Artists It Made News in Heaven - Kingsmen 99 & 44/100% Goodmans - The Happy Goodman Family Gospel U.S.A. - LeFevres Easy on the Ears and Heavy on the Heart - Cathedral Quartet Live - Inspirations Satisfaction Guaranteed - Cleavant Derricks We're Not Getting Older, Just Closer to Home - Wendy Bagwell & Sunliters We'll Keep on Praising His Name - Lewis Family 100% Cotton - Cotton Ivy The Promise - Singing Christians Alive and Pickin' - Lewis Family He Loves You - Florida Boys Heaven Bound - Cruse Family Just in Time - Kingsmen Gospel Music Association's Top Ten Songs of 1976 - Various Artists A Night of Inspiration - Inspirations Put Jesus First - Jimmie Davis Singing 'Til He Comes - LeFevres On Heaven's Bright Shore - Inspirations Then... and Now - Cathedral Quartet The Spirit of the Dove - Thrasher Brothers That All May Be One - Teddy Huffam Peanuts to President: The Plains, Georgia Gospel - Wendy Bagwell & Sunliters Entertainer - Little Roy Lewis Faith - Cruse Family Something for Everyone - Singing Christians In Concert...Live - Florida Boys The New Will Rogers - Cotton Ivy The Very Best of the Goodmans Live -The Happy Goodman Family Songs in the Spirit - Jimmie Davis Vintage Gospel - Florida Boys When I Get Home - Inspirations Country Faith - Lewis Family Sunshine and Roses - Cathedrals The Sun's Coming Up - Rex Nelon Singers Gospel Music Association' Top Ten Songs of 1977 - Various Artists Cookin' - Teddy Huffam & Gems Transformation - Cruse Family Refresh Our Spirit - Singing Christians Refreshing - The Happy Goodman Family Live! Souled Out - Teddy Huffam & Gems Live - Rex Nelon Singers Appearing Tonight - Wendy Bagwell & Sunliters Daybreak - Thrasher Brothers Good Ol' Gospel Music - various Artists The Best of the Florida Boys - Florida Boys Quartet The Best of the Kingsmen - Kingsmen Wrapped with Grace and Tied with Love - Lewis Family Sing About a New Day - Florida Boys Looking for You - Inspirations Walking in the Sunshine - Jimmie Davis Live - Thrasher Brothers Feelings - Rex Nelon Singers You Ain't Heard Nothing Yet - Cathedral Quartet Something to Sing About - Inspirations CAS-9844 - Gospel Music Association Top Ten Songs of 1978 - Various Artists On the Road - Wendy Bagwell & Sunliters Recorded live. GMA 10th Anniversary Commemorative Album - Various Artists Hallelujah Turnpike - Lewis Family You Make It Rain for Me - Rusty Goodman Happiness Is - Sam Goodman Something Exciting - Florida Boys Breakout - Mercy River Boys Soul Train to Glory - Jimmie Davis Standing Room Only - Teddy Huffam & Gems Songs of Love - Inspirations Expressions of Love - Rex Nelon Singers Better Than Ever - Cathedral Quartet Both Sides of the River - Wendy Bagwell & Sunliters Better Hurry Up! - The Happy Goodman Family Good Time Get-Together - Lewis Family Incredible - Teddy Huffam & Gems Movin' On Up - Florida Boys Escape to the Light - Rusty Goodman Gospel Music Association's Top Ten of 1979 - Various Artists Immortal Songs - Jimmie Davis The Best of the Inspirations, Volume 1 - Inspirations Goin' Higher -The Happy Goodman Family Known Comic - Wendy Bagwell & Sunliters Super Pickin' - Little Roy Lewis Gospel Music Association' Top Ten Songs of 1980 - Various Artists Colors of His Love - Cathedral Quartet One Step Closer - Rex Nelon Singers I'm Just an Old Chunk of Coal (But I'm Going to Be a Diamond Someday) - Lewis Family On the Right Track - Florida Boys Canaan Country Christmas - Various Artists The Best of Teddy Huffam - Teddy Huffam Sing Me a Gospel Song - Inspirations Heaven's National Anthem - Jimmie Davis Is That Footsteps I Hear? - Inspirations Feeling at Home - Rex Nelon Singers All Together Now - Wendy Bagwell & Sunliters Someday - Inspirations In the Arms of My Best Friend - Mercy River Boys Goodman Greats - The Happy Goodman Family Something Special - Cathedral Quartet We Shall Behold the King - Rex Nelon Singers The Wonder of Wonders - Inspirations Lewis Family Tradition - Lewis Family Gospel Music Association' Top Ten Songs of 1981 - Various Artists Favorites - Jimmie Davis The Best of the Cathedral Quartet - Cathedral Quartet Reissued in 1987 as C09896. Treasures - Florida Boys CAS-9898 - Canaan Classics - Various Artists Chosen - The Happy Goodman Family Her Father's Child - Kelly Nelon In Concert - Lewis Family Three German Police Dogs and an Ol' Yeller Cat - Wendy Bagwell & Sunliters Recorded live. The Twentieth Anniversary - Inspirations This One's For You - Jimmie Davis Keep Rollin' On - Florida Boys Favorites Old and New - Cathedral Quartet More Than a Dream - Tanya Goodman The Heart of Dixie - Little Roy Lewis Above It All - Wendy Bagwell & Sunliters The Best of...and a Whole Lot More - Rex Nelon Singers Reissued as Canaan 701 9914 136. Praise God and Country - Inspirations Family Band - Rusty Goodman The Newest Thing Around - Sam Goodman Country Gospel Classics - Various Artists You Were Loving Me - Lulu Roman Smith In One Accord - Nelons Canaan 20th Anniversary - Various Artists Reaching Out - Florida Boys Seeker - Tanya Goodman Live from Canaanland - Various Artists Keepin' On - Lewis Family The Word - Newsong The Joy of Jesus - Various Artists Wherever I Am - Talleys Grass Roots Gospel - Various Artists It Ain't Love Till You Give It Away - Wendy Bagwell & Sunliters Their Greatest Hits - The Happy Goodman Family We All Are One - Florida Boys The Best of the Lewis Family - Lewis Family Work of Heart - Talleys The King of Who I Am - Various Artists Hits - Rusty Goodman Journeys - Nelons Tell It to a Friend - Inspirations Together - Florida Boys United - Talleys Let's Turn the Light On - Wendy Bagwell & Sunliters Harmony: A Unity of Music and Spirit - Various Artists It's Still the Blood - Inspirations Thanks - Nelons A Reunion - The Cathedral Quartet (1995) The Ride - Hoppers (2007) Canaan Revisited Disc 1 & 2 - Various Artists (2007) I Just Wanted You To Know - Kim Hopper (2008) Nothin' But Good - LeFevre Quartet (2008) Faith To Believe - Mike And Kelly Bowling (2008) North America Live! - Hoppers (2008)