The Real Tuesday Weld

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Don't Get High No More (feat. The Puppini Sisters)
Joe Palooka (Show Me the Money) (The Clerkenwell Kid Electro Swing Remix)
St. Tropez 1966 (The Real Tuesday Weld Rain Soaked Mix)

The Real Tuesday Weld are a British band, founded by lead singer and producer Stephen Coates in 1999. They are known for producing jazzy cabaret-style music with subtle electronica influences, a style dubbed "Antique Beat" by Coates. They have released six albums, many singles and EPs and many tracks on compilations. Their combination of big band jazz era sounds with electronica has been influential on the current range of electro swing artists and DJs. The band is named after American film actress Tuesday Weld. Coates once had a dream involving Weld and 1930s vocalist Al Bowlly, and cites it as inspiration for the band's particular style. At present, the band is signed to Crammed (Europe, Australasia, South America) and Six Degrees Records (North America). They have previously released recordings with Antique Beat, Kindercore Records, Dreamy Records, Bambini Records, PIAS Recordings and Motorway Records. A German alt-country band by the name of Tuesday Weld that released a CD "Starscene 98" on Glitterhouse Records is not related. "The Clerkenwell Kid" is often cited as the band's producer / re-mixer but is an alter ego for Coates himself. The 2009 album "The Clerkenwell Kid: Live at the End of the World" is an imaginary live recording of a concert on the 'eve of the apocalypse'. The Clerkenwell Kid is also the main character in a London based mythology Coates has developed around his love of the city's history and stories. Their live shows are usually accompanied by visuals in the form of bespoke films and animations. The band's latest album is a soundtrack to the novel book "The Last Werewolf" (2012) by Glen Duncan reprising their joint work on Duncan's novel "I, Lucifer" (2004). In 2010 - 2011, Coates also co-wrote and produced an album "Horseplay" as "Lazarus and the Plane Crash" - a collaboration with Joe Coles of UK cult garage rockers The Guillotines which was released on Antique Beat in 2012. According to the band's website, Coates has completed the score for US indie Meet Me in Montenegro directed by Alex Holdridge and starring Rupert Friend and is recording a new album for release in 2015.