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Much As The Time (We Loved Each Other)
Autumn Outside The Post Office (2014 Version)
The Sound Of Rain (Acoustic)

YB(Yoon Do-hyun Band, Why be, korean;윤도현밴드, 윤밴), is a Korean rock band from Seoul, South Korea, formed in 1996 (sometimes referred to as Yoonband or Yoon Do Hyun Band). The band consists of Yoon Do-hyun (lead vocals, keyboard, guitar), Heo Jun (guitar, keyboard), Kim Jin-won (drums), Park Tae-hee (bass guitar) and Scott Hellowell (guitar). YB, are commonly known as the biggest and most acknowledged rock band in South Korea, having risen to major popularity and success during the 2002 World Cup, and once again in 2011 through appearing in the internationally famous Korean TV show ‘I Am A Singer’. They have performed across the world and regularly headline major rock festivals in South Korea. The band have released nine full-length studio albums and numerous other releases and live albums. Their music style is primarily influenced by classic rock with elements of modern rock, also combined with a contemporary Korean cultural identity. YB are widely known for their explosive and dynamic live performances, and a resonant directness in vocal style and songwriting. They have received “Best Music Award” from Korea's three main broadcast stations KBS, MBC and SBS, and in 2011 won the Mnet Asian Music Awards - "Mnet Specialized Award". Yoon Do Hyun debuted as a solo artist with one album in 1994 (In Front of the Post Office in Autumn (가을 우체국 앞에서), and following that formed the eponymously named Yoon Do-hyun Band in 1996, with himself on vocals, drummer Kim Jin-won, guitarist Yoo Byung-yeol, and bass guitarist Park Tae-hee. Later that year, Do-Hyun played the lead role in Jungle Story, Kim Hong-joon's film that recounts the rise and fall of a fictitious, underground band. His bandmates also appeared in the film. The initial lack of success led to Yoon Do-hyun Band almost disbanding in 2000, and guitarist Yoo Byung-yeol left the band and was replaced by Heo Jun. YB won the WPMA (World Peace Music Award) in 2003 for their activities in 2002 promoting human rights, and through a concert in North Korea called "Oh Unification Korea". This is the first and only time a rock band has performed officially in North Korea. Following YB's rise to being the foremost rock band in Korea, Yoon Do Hyun (Dee), began to host TV shows such as Yoon Do Hyun's Love Letter (2002-2008) and grow as a celebrity in Korean media. YB continued to release various albums and tour extensively within Korea. In 2005 they were the first Korean band to tour Europe, returning to a crowded Trafalgar Square in London in 2008. In 2007, YB performed at the SXSW music festival held in Austin Texas, being the first Korean band to do so. In 2009 they embarked on the Warped Tour in the USA Following a friendship developed from 2005, YB began to include Scott Hellowell from England as a special guest guitarist for concerts in the summer and eventually winter, (2008-2010). This relationship progressed into the band inviting him to become a full-time official band member in 2011. His official induction to the band was later televised in Yoon Do Hyun's 'MUST' music TV show. In 2011, YB joined a cast of seven artists who provided the original line up for MBC's "I'm a Singer", a TV show which proved to be a cultural phenomenon in Korea and across Asia that year winning many awards. This led to YB's second wave of huge success, at the same time the show also instated Yoon Do Hyun as it's host. As a result of a second rise to major popularity, YB performed in several overseas concerts including China, Japan and America. YB are regular headliners at many of the biggest Korean rock festivals such as Pentaport and Busan International Rock Festival. Title track : In Front of the Post Office of Autumn (가을 우체국 앞에서) Hits: Tarzan,Love Two, In Front of the Post Office of Autumn Title track : Don't Cover it Up (가리지좀 마) Hits: A Dreaming Girl, To Live on this Land, A Long Journey Title track: Someday (먼 훗날) Hits: A Yearning for 7 Years, Little by Little, Someday Title track: Spin Spin Spin (돌고 돌고 돌고) Hits: Sending You Away, Wake Up, That Is My World Title track : Peppermint Candy (박하사탕) Hits: Come to Me, Peppermint Candy, Mirror Title Track : I Will Fall In Love (사랑할거야) Hits: Flower Petals, Peppermint Candy 2, I Will Forget, I Will Fall in Love Title Track: Today (오늘은) Hits: I'm a butterfly, Today Title Track: Still You (아직도 널) Hits: No Regrets, Still You, Talk To Me Title Track: 너라면 좋겠어 (I'd Like it if it was you) Hits: 너라면 좋겠어 (I'd Like it if it was you)