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Zafeiris Melas or Zafiris Melas (Greek: Ζαφείρης Μελάς) is a Greek contemporary pop-folk laïko singer. He was born in Xanthi and grew up in a poor neighbourhood. In his youth, he started performing in local groups of folkloric songs until he was noticed by the owners of the Cosmos recording company Antonis Stamboulis and Poly Vairemidi. During his career, Melas made partnerships with many other famous Greek singers. including Manolis Angelopoulos, Vasilis Karras and Popi Maliotaki. Melas lives in Greece with his wife Constantina, with whom he has three kids, Thodoris, Anna and Poly. He once expressed that his greatest secret that keeps him young are his two grandchildren, Zafeiris and Constantina.