Ibrahim Basha NuruleZ

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‏Mohammad Mosab Ibrahim known as the rapper Ibrahim Basha NuruleZ. He is a Syrian rapper . He was born and raised in Kuwait. Member of 2MAN ARMY with Ortega. NuruleZ started his journey in his early age in 2005 in Kuwait, then, he moved to Syria in 2008 to continue his passion in being a rapper. ‏Ibrahim Basha NuruleZ is a talented and professional sound engineer, songwriter, rapper and video editor. ‏Later, NuruleZ joined few famous rap groups in Syria such as HOTRap Country, GuysZ, and zIGzAGzONE. Also, he was part of 25 significant and successful events in Syria with the collaboration with one of the most famous DJs in Syria, Dj Steef. ‏Ibrahim Basha NuruleZ has achieved several success stories during his journey in Syrian. His work did spread widely in Syria as a rapper, until he worked on an intro song for a Syria famous TV show called “ ghadan nltki” “ غداً نلتقي” for the presenter Amjad Tomeh. 
 ‏During the civil war in Syria, NuruleZ moved to Sweden and there he worked with zIGzAGzONE rappers again. They published an album called “Nater” “ناطر” that had achieved great success in his musical career in Sweden. NuruleZ was part of few events and interviews in Europe such as Sverings Radio P2, Al Kompis, Monte-Carlo Paris, Buckle Up with BIG HASS and others. ‏Ibrahim Basha NuruleZ runs a production company called Mad Monkey Productions. It is a recording and engineering company for music, video-clips, and editing .