2nd II None

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Waterfallz (Peverelist Remix)
Seduction (feat. Boomer, Nehru & K.B.)
Good to Ya' (feat. 2nd II None)

2nd II None is a rap group from Compton, California. It consist of cousins KK (born Kelton L. McDonald) and Gangsta D (born Deon Barnett). Their career started in 1990, after the release of "The Red Tape", they signed with Profile Records. They released their first album in 1991, the self-titled 2nd II None on Profile Records. Their second album, Classic 220 on Arista Records, released in 1999. Their albums were produced by 2nd II None and DJ Quik. In 2008, their 1994 unreleased album Tha Shit was leaked on the internet.