Refugees Of Rap

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منتهية (مع مودي العربي)
مجهول (مع ابراهيم باشا نارولز)
Shitani & Malaki (feat. Omar Yaghi)
احكي (مع تامر نفار & نادين)
افكار (مع تامر نفار و ناديا)

It is now more than 13 years since the two brothers Yaser and Mohamed Jamous describe and recount their daily lives in Syria and France. Passionate about Hip Hop, they decided in 2007 to set up their group within the Palestinian refugee camp of Yarmouk south of Damascus (Syria). From then on, they perfected their art and spread their message by doing concerts in Syria, Egypt and Lebanon, but After the War in Syria . Forced into exile in 2013, they chose France where they live and have been rapping for five years. After two first albums in 2010 and 2014 successfully combining boombap and oriental sounds, the two rappers knew, while preserving their identity, evolve to more sonorities trap in their latest album (Insomnie) 2018. Since their arrival in Europe until today, the group has given more than 155 concerts and several festivals and participated in several artistic projects and associations (France, United Kingdom, Spain, Italy, Luxembourg, Germany, Sweden, Denmark, Norway) During their career, Refugees Of Rap has attracted the interest of several media such as (Rolling Stone magazine, The World, The Guardian, BBC, ARTE, Vice, Konbini, Radio France, TV5 ... etc)