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Darquise, born Jack Lee Darquisé Henmy IV, is an independent singer, rapper, producer, sound engineer and songwriter, who creates works that rival those of industry standard. Darquise was born in Houston, Texas by way of Central-South Florida, The Treasure Coast, St. Lucie County, Fort Pierce, Florida US. He amassed a following of 10,00+ Instagram followers and 80,000 twitter followers, which came from his live performances and covers on Myspace, Instagram, YouTube and SoundCloud. He has accumulated over 17,000 plays on SoundCloud and over 9,000 YouTube views on his channels and millions of Instagram views as of 2016. Often imitated - A classically trained, three-octave vocalist, Darquise, Jack has been singing and performing since childhood. He spent most of his childhood performing around Florida where he has won several talent shows and many awards for vocal performance. Darquise, Jack obtained his High School Diploma from Port St. Lucie High School, his Associates of Arts Degree from Indian River State College & Bachelor of Arts from Florida State (GPA 3.0) However, Darquise, saw a reemergence in his passion for music in 2016 and began to pursue Indie endeavors in music. He released his first official single and music video for the well-received ‘I Say One (Last Goodbye)’ on 7/4/16. Afro-pop meets Calypso, Pop, R&B and Hip-Hop in the genre blurring I Say One, the lead single for Singer/Rapper Darquise. The love song, transverses a desperate need for a lover’s commitment, finally saying goodbye, searching for new love, expression of the failures of the relationship and reconciliation. The single was rereleased 4/4/18 On August 8th, 2018, Darquise released his first full length project Eternally. The project starts off Hip-Hop heavy with the light infusion of Pop and R&B on tracks such as “Ode to They”, “Roll Wit Me”, and “Work”. Work like the project had been held back due to timing and other issues. The project takes a 90’s drift for “Dope” but stays in tune with the theme of genre blending the project exhibits throughout. “It’s Goin’ Down” takes you further back into the 80’s with the first true ode to R&B of the project. On “Pieces”, Darquise explore his more vulnerable side. He tells a tale of a tumultuous relationship that touches on domestic abuse. “It’s something I’ve dealt with, and I know a lot of men and women who have dealt with it on both sides. Returning to a lover that’s not the best for you. The song says, I pray to God that I finally see my worth again. I felt it was a proper lead into finding the strength to leave that “I Say One” talks about.”-Darquise. The project explores love as written and explored by a man between the ages of 22-28. Sometimes those moments can get dark as explored in ‘Man and Liq’ and ‘Beast Interlude’, R&B/Hip-Hop/Rap and Rock respectfully. The Afro, Disco, Dance track, “Time Flew Bye” lightens the mood of the project and explores a failed relationship with optimism, hopes to rebuild it and a future. Written through 2013-2015 and remixed in 2018, ‘Tip Toe’ & ‘Champagne Chandeliers’ playfully explore EDM, House & Dance. The closer “Intro to Love” is a Hip-Hop/Rap and Pop effort that rounds out the project. This project is dedicated to his late father Minister Jack LeeKimOki Henmy III. He has performed for many audiences both large and small and delegates of all caliber. Darquise was previously in the groups Y B Slim (2007), another un-named group under the authority of Glass House Productions, at Greenwich Studios, Home to Flipper and many other major productions in Miami (2008) and G5 Entertainment (2011) Listen to the latest by Darquise, ‘Love Trippin’’ out now!