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He was born in the city of Tetouan in 1983. He received his primary certificate with excellence from the Royal School and immediately joined Jabir Ibn Hayyan Preparatory School where he completed his preparatory studies successfully and excelled, and considered his great love and proficiency in the language Spanish and then went to the Institute of Vocational Training of Spain Juan De La Cierva where he studied there for two years Technical Technology Science Division and after he received the Diploma of Graduation completed his second professional studies in the same institution (Juan de la cierva) where he received a Bachelor of Science in Technology before joining the housing Spanish to complete his higher education where he studied there for two years before receiving a diploma in technical specialist in electronics and is now pursuing his studies at the Higher Institute of Electrical Engineering He discovered his musical talent at an early age of seven years, and because of his love and passion for music, his parents decided to enroll him at the music institute at the age of 10, where he taught the solvig and the guitarist, while Dalk was practicing his main talent in singing and feeding it through intense vocal training.  He joined the Paloma band at the age of 16, where he was one of the most prominent founders of this band along with international artist Ahmed chawki, artist Younes Zanabet, artist Hisham Akior, and artist Karim Suheir. This group formed a qualitative leap and a musical revolution in the history The Moroccan song through their rebellion against the traditional music that dominated the Moroccan music scene by creating a new genre and artistic line that combines the Moroccan musical culture and Western music culture, which was dominated by the color of Flamenco, which characterized the band opened the face of this new musical color doors of fame where Their songs were repeated on every Moroccan tongue until their fame exceeded their borders. Sami Brod was one of the most important pillars of the team's success. Moroccan scenes, and I live many successful nights and concerts and festivals inside and outside the country, until the team that was the last of his artistic evenings in 2001 in the state of Spain. The artist Sami Brod continued to study while maintaining his artistic hobby despite the dispersion of the team where he faced great difficulties in order to continue singing before joining the Sony Art Production Company to work with it as a music distributor before working with Armand Productions before working with the international artist Redwan In the music distribution ... After all the logistical difficulties he decided to enter the artistic production and founded his own company Kabila for artistic production in collaboration with the technical producer stadium Iqbal Edratin in Spain before he thought to retire singing and continuity in compositions and He thought about the role of the musical industry in Morocco. He decided to open a branch in Morocco, despite all the challenges and obstacles that could be encountered in support of Moroccan music and Moroccan artists. In order to contribute to the development of their country in terms of cultural and musical.