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Lierda is composed of two Lebanese artists, Adrien (the singer) and Jeil (the composer). We focus on delivering an aura of downtempo/R&B/emo-hop type of sound which we record in our own bedroom studio. We began around 2 years ago, currently on our 16th release, and we're falling in love with the process of music plus the interactions that come with it. This is allowing us to grow and make our sound personal and dynamic. We are starting to develop a strong foundation in our fanbase, and have reached editorial playlists ! We really see ourselves going in the right direction. Our music is about being expressive, and revolves around personal outtakes and experiences we have on life. The debut of our song "Stories" aired on the radio in Qatar Broadcasting Station (QBS Radio) and on Virgin Radio Lebanon. The song is about letting go to grow because those tough choices make us who we are. Its made up of a wavy instrumental to keep the flow going, and subtle yet powerful drums to add to the atmosphere. We just a chance want to be heard.