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Look What You've Done (Live) [feat. Tree63]

Daniel Ornellas (born May 11, 1972) is a South Africa-born musician and bassist for South African band Tree63. Daniel's father, David was a lead singer and guitarist in African multi-racial rock band, Hawk (a.k.a. "Jo'burg Hawk"). Daniel grew up in a Pentecostal Christian home, and was soon involved in praise/worship at his church. His family toured the world as part of a family music ministry. An avid surfer and skater, Ornellas lived his early twenties in Cape Town, South Africa, where he met his wife, Samantha, a South African artist and former model. Ornellas is sibling to sister and musician/singer, Beshara Ornellas. Daniel plays guitar and bass guitar, and has composed with artists like Brenton Brown, as well as for himself and for early bands he fronted like "Naked Lyric" with his sister Beshara. Ornellas has recorded with Out of Eden and BarlowGirl and has played in Grammy nominee Paul Colman’s band on the “All God's Children” tour and has toured with esteemed worship songwriter, Brenton Brown. Ornellas with Tree63, has performed at events like Y.C Edmonton, Billy Graham’s New York crusade and Harvest Crusade. Daniel has played bass for with Tenth Avenue North, Gungor, Tim Hughes, Paul Baloche, Vicky Beeching, Matt Maher, One Sonic society, Don Poythress, Jason Mizelle, Barlow Girl, Out of Eden, Sarah Reeves, Sarah Macintosh, Paul Colman, The Hymnals. Daniel is Currently dean of students for CMI academy Since 2011, Daniel has produced and written songs for five independent artists featuring a number of renowned singers and musicians (for details see long bio) Corby La Croix – ‘about face’, Neil Higgins – ‘noise’, Jeremy Ellis – ‘the worship project, Hannah Jeter ‘morning light and Beshara – night and day. Daniel has taught bass master classes and worship seminars at a number of conferences. Christian musician Summitt (CMS) Worship leader magazine conference Breakforth Canada Calvery chapel worship conference Engage