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Cartoons, also known as Cartoons DK, were a technobilly/glam pop band from Denmark, best known for their 1998 Eurodance cover of the 1958 novelty song, "Witch Doctor" by Ross Bagdasarian, as well as for their outlandish plastic costumes and wigs used in live performances as caricatures of 1950s American rock and roll stars. Many of their hits are Europop covers of old rockabilly hits. The band has so far sold over 2 million albums, making them one of the most successful Danish pop bands ever. They have also been nominated for Danish Grammys according to their official website. The sextet, who use the stage names Toonie, Sponge, Shooter, Buzz, Puddy, and Boop, were first signed to FLEX Records, moving later to EMI Denmark. Their most notable single to date is "Witch Doctor", which reached number two in the UK Singles Chart; with its combination of the original's "ooh-ee-ooh-aah-aah" chorus (although lacking that record's double-speed playback of the chorus), driving dance beat and occasional guitar breaks. They had further success in the UK with the Top 10 hit, "Doodah!" (a version of the American folk song "Camptown Races"); the Top 20 hit "Aisy Waisy", which was performed on Jim Davidson's Generation Game; and a Top 20 debut album, Toonage (Later released with additional songs under the title More Toonage). Their second album, Toontastic! did not match the success of its predecessor but several notable hits were released from it including "Diddley Dee," "Big Coconuts," and a reworked cover of Les Humphries Singers' "Mama Loo." Cartoons rounded out their success with a greatest hits album composed of previous tracks from their two albums as well as three new tracks.