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En lille ring af guld
Så Er Der Mål (feat. Kandis)

Kandis is a Danish dansband made up of Johnny Hansen, Jørgen Hein Jørgensen, Michael Krätz and Jens Erik Jensen. It was formed in 1989. Its biggest hit ever was the 1993 single "En lille ring af guld", that stayed at the top of the Danish Danse Charts for a total of 33 weeks. Many of their albums have consistently reached the Top 5 including some that have topped the Danish albums Chart (notably Kandis 12 in 2008 and Kandis 14 in 2011). The band lead singer and guitarist Johnny Hansen, (born 25 July 1965), has had also a prosperous separate solo career releasing various albums like Godmorgen verden (1999), Lidt efter lidt (2001) and Mit ferieparadis (2006)