Psyko Punkz

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The Psyko Punkz is a Dutch hardstyle production/DJ duo, consisting of Sven Sieperda (born September 5, 1985) and Wietse Amersfoort (born July 19, 1985). The duo are among the top "hardstyle" purveyors across the Atlantic and are increasingly popular worldwide, thanks to their unique and hard-hitting take on the scene. They first met by chance at a party and discovered that they shared a mutual love and appreciation for electronic music, and more specifically, the Hardstyle genre. Upon joining forces, they signed with Belgian label, Dirty Workz, and began performing live DJ sets. In 2014, the Psyko Punkz created their own record label, Shadowmask, as a joint venture with Amsterdam based record label Bad Manor. The tracks "This Is Your Life" in collaboration with Chris Willis & MC Lyte and "Drunken Masta" in collaboration with rap formation Dope D.O.D were the first two releases on Shadowmask.