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Global Communication is an electronic music act, comprising Tom Middleton and Mark Pritchard. Their first LP, 76:14, is an acclaimed album from the ambient and 1990s electronic music genres. Beyond their work as Global Communication, they have also recorded as Jedi Knights, Secret Ingredients, The Chameleon, Link & E621 and Reload; have done remixes for various artists under each of their aliases, including a 1993 Reload remix of "On" by Aphex Twin and a 1997 Jedi Knights remix of "Home" by Depeche Mode. They founded the Evolution Records and Universal Language Productions labels. Pritchard has also recorded solo as Reload, Link, Harmonic 313, Troubleman, NY Connection, William Parrott and Roberto Edwardo Turner (The Returner). His other collaborative efforts include Harmonic 33 and Use of Weapons with Dave Brinkworth, Series 7 with Stephen Horne, Shaft with Adrian Hughes, Vertigo with Danny Breaks, The 28 East Boyz with Kevin Hann, Chaos & Julia Set with Dominic Fripp, Mystic Institute with Paul Kent, Pulusha with Kirsty Hawkshaw and Africa HiTech with Steve Spacek. Middleton has also recorded as Cosmos, AMBA, The Modwheel, The Rebus Project, Schizophrenia, E621 and Spiritcatcher. He has worked collaboratively with Matthew Herbert and Mark Darby of Mighty Force Records, releasing an eponymous EP as Fog City. As Schizophrenia, Middleton collaborated with Aphex Twin on a track on the Analogue Bubblebath EP. He is currently releasing records under his own name, and has released some DJ mix compilations.