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Michel Sardou (born 26 January 1947) is a French singer, songwriter and occasional actor. He was born in Paris, the son of Fernand Sardou and Jackie Rollin (Jackie Sardou). He is the grandson of the dramatist Victorien Sardou, as well as father of the French novelist Romain Sardou and the actor Davy Sardou. He is known not only for his love songs (La Maladie d'Amour, Je vais t'aimer), but also for songs dealing with various social and political issues, such as the rights of women in Islamic countries (Musulmanes), clerical celibacy (Le Curé), colonialism (Le Temps des colonies, Ils ont le pétrole mais c'est tout) or the death penalty (Je suis pour). Another sometimes controversial theme found in some of his songs (Les Ricains and Monsieur le Président de France for example) is his respect and support for the culture and foreign policies of the United States of America. He has been accused of being a racist due to his 1976 song Le Temps des colonies, where he sang positively about colonialism and slavery, but Sardou has always claimed the song was sarcastic. He has focused his full attention on his homeland, ignoring the prospect of an international audience, although his 1981 single Les Lacs du Connemara did manage to become a big international hit (especially in Netherlands). A number of his hit songs were written in collaboration with Jacques Revaux and Pierre Delanoë, a few others (most notably En Chantant) with Italian singer Toto Cutugno. Even in the 21st century, Michel Sardou remains quite popular in France, selling out 18 consecutive dates at Palais Omnisports de Paris-Bercy in 2001, while his 2004 album Du plaisir went straight to the number 1 spot on the French album charts. With a recording career of fifty years, Michel Sardou has published 25 studio albums, 18 live albums, has recorded more than 340 songs, essentially in French but also in Spanish, Italian or even English and has sold nearly 90 million records. Currently he is considered such as one of the most popular artists in the Francophone world and one of the most efficient, both in sales and in his shows.