Brian Keane

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Brian Keane (born 1953) is an American composer, music producer, musician and guitarist. He has composed the music for hundreds of films and television shows and produced over a hundred record albums. Keane is known as one of the most prominent composers of his era in scoring television documentaries, and a leading producer of world music. Collectively, Keane has scored hundreds of award winning documentaries and films, including seventeen Emmy winners for best documentary or series (among sixty five nominations), nine Peabody Award-winning films, five Oscar nominated films, and one Academy Award-winning film. Keane is the winner of four Emmy Awards, and has received twenty Emmy nominations for his music. Keane's music has been performed by symphony orchestras throughout the world. He has also scored several feature films and dramatic television shows, including Copper, produced by Academy Award winner Barry Levinson and Emmy-winning producer Tom Fontana, which debuted in 2012 as the highest rated television series in the history of BBC America. In 2013 Brian Keane was nominated for a Prime Time Emmy Award for Copper in the category of Outstanding Original Main Title Theme Music. Keane's notable documentary scoring credits include Ric Burns' Emmy and Peabody Award-winning films New York: A Documentary Film, The Donner Party, Ansel Adams, and Andy Warhol,Thomas Lennon's Peabody award-winning and Oscar-nominated film The Battle Over Citizen Kane, Lennon and Ruby Yang's Academy Award-winning The Blood of Yingzhou District, ABC News' contemporary documentary series Turning Point, and multiple award-winning episodes for the long running PBS history series American Experience, among many others. In the sports world, Keane was the music behind HBO Sports for more than a decade when under Ross Greenburg, the network reigned as the dominant award winning network for sports documentaries. Keane has also scored a number of Emmy and Peabody award winning sports documentaries for ESPN, CBS, and others. In 2001, he was the first composer in Sports Emmy Awards history to sweep all of the nominations for music in a single year. As a record producer, Keane has produced over three dozen Billboard charting albums with over 150 commercial albums in total. He is particularly known for producing ethnic and new-age music. Keane's many credits as a producer include Winter Solstice for Windham Hill Records, the Grammy Award-winning Long Journey Home: The Irish in America soundtrack album for RCA Records and his influential work with middle eastern musician Omar Faruk Tekbilek.