Leo Dan

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Te He Prometido (En Vivo) [feat. Ricardo Montaner]
Mary Es Mi Amor (En Vivo) [feat. Andrés Cepeda]
Te He Prometido
Esa Pared (feat. Vicente Fernández)
Leñita y Fuego (feat. Leo Dan)
Cómo Te Extraño Mi Amor
No Existe una Ley (En Vivo)

Leopoldo Dante Tévez (born March 22, 1942), known as Leo Dan, is an Argentine composer and singer born in Villa Atamisqui, Santiago del Estero Province. He recorded more than 20 albums during his long career during the late 20th century between Argentina and Mexico. His appreciation for Mexican music led him to record with mariachis, and from there he went to international fame. His music was well received by the Mexican public since his voice was a good match to the traditional mariachi sound. His greatest hits include "Como te extraño, mi amor", "Mari es mi amor" "Celia", "Pídeme la luna", "Esa pared" "Toquen mariachis, canten" and "porqué, se fué", to name a few. Leo Dan currently lives in the United States. He, Palito Ortega and Leonardo Favio are considered the principal Argentine singers of the Nueva Ola (New Wave) music that was popular in the 1960s and 1970s in Latin America. With a mellow voice and his individual interpretative style, Leo Dan is one of the most recognized figures among Spanish-language vocalists. His inspiration went further than interpretation; he also wrote most of his popular hits. In 2012 The Latin Recording Academy honored Leo Dan by presenting him with The Latin Recording Academy Lifetime Achievement Award