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In 2009, a 13-year old teenager sat in his small bedroom amidst the inspirational valleys of Beqaa, Lebanon. Most of his friends were of foreign nationalities, and they communicated through social media. One of YLZN's close friends from Sweden, now known as "F.O.O.L", told him he had downloaded a piece of software called FL Studio to make music. Having had only dabbled with DJ software such as Virtual DJ and MixMeister Pro since 2007, YLZN was intrigued and wanted to try making music for the first time as well. This marked the start of his journey. It wasn't easy during the first couple of years. He produced music under different aliases to explore which genre resonated with him the most; ranging from Electro House, all the way to Chillout and Progressive. The melodies were out of tune and all over the place. After persistence, YLZN managed to learn how to make melodic sounds by ear, with no formal education. Today, he seeks to blend all of his emotions and life experiences in the form of music in order to share his take on it with the world.