Hasan Cihat Örter

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Hasan Cihat Örter (self given nickname Ustad) (born October 24, 1958 in Istanbul, Turkey) is a Turkish composer, guitarist and arranger.About 2 years old met with the piano and violin music began. Later, he met and the first serious lessons in classical guitar from the age of 5, Professor.Antonio Doumezitch 'received from (1960–68) and the classes went on for 15 years. Mister, Emin Ongan Turkish music composition, authority and taking lessons, Uskudar Musical Association, (Üsküdar Musiki Cemiyeti) in 1974 and graduated from, Semsi Yasdiman, binding, and studied Turkish Folk music, jazz music,prrograssive music and also became interested in the meantime, small orchestras and has been playing the professional. At Berklee College of Music Master's Degree (1979) and the Belgian Royal Academy of Music and graduated with a PhD thesis are also made of music therapy (1980) Hasan Cihat Orter is one of the new generation musicians who are concerned with liberating modern Turkish music. Remixing, which literally means to say the same thing in another form, is produced by changing the form of a musical piece through a process that can be called "restructuring." Many video performances are available via youtube.com. who specialized in remixes of traditional Turkish music, particularly instrumental, folk,jaz, new-age, vocal and dance music. He has recorded numerous albums and his compositions and transcriptions are widely published. Adaptation of Anatolian melodies with the study of classical guitar world's largest music company EMI went gold, and "insprition" International katalog entry with the series. "Re-formation" with a series of albums, the first time the works of the Turkish saz in the form of new age artist who was editing the Sony Music's catalog of international music. Istanbul State Conservatory University and Mimar Sinan University President's Office, was awarded the grown Leading Turkish music have served .... Last semester with awards, Elazig Firat University by the music branch of "State Artist" is given an Honorary Doctorate. Rector University Prof. Dr. Fevzi Bingol. By the Municipality of Eskişehir -Odunpazari, Orhangazi, Hasan Cihat Orter Park District opened and thousands of artists have won awards and plaques. He was also member of Modern Folk Trio between 1995 and 1999 after Doğan Canku's break up.