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Seyed Behrang Miri (born in Iran on 17 January 1984) is a Swedish rapper, songwriter and actor of Iranian origin. He moved to Sweden with his parents in 1987 when he was just three. He grew up in Lund. In 2008, he took part in theater production Zlatans leende in Malmö City Theatre. The same year, he was picked as the face for MKB, Räddningstjänsten featured in City Malmö newspaper and named "Årets glädjespridare" by Malmö Municipality. In 2011 he won the Nationalencyklopedin's annual Kunskapspriset (Knowledge Awards) alongside Emerich Roth. He has been involved in a number of youth projects, in Skåne and later in Stockholm. In 2011, he became an artistic director of cultural activities for children for Kåldolmens Day events in Stockholm working with various cultural groups. In September 25, 2012, he used his position to demand removal of a number of books he deemed objectionable (racist, homophobic, etc.) including his suggestion to transfer the Tintin series from the children's section of the library at Kulturhuset (Culture House) His campaign backfired and he was widely criticized prompting him to announce his withdrawal from responsibilities as artistic director. He has also worked with Swedish Kurdish stand-up comedian Özz Nûjen.