Mario del Monaco

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Andrea Chénier, Act 1: "Signor Chénier ... Madama la Contessa?" (Contessa, Chénier, Fléville, Abbé, Maddalena) [Live] [feat. Enzo Sordello, Maria Amadini, Mario Carlin & Mario del Monaco]
Andrea Chénier, Act 1: "Al mio dire perdono" (Maddalena, Chorus, Chénier, Contessa) [Live] [feat. Maria Amadini & Mario del Monaco]


Mario Del Monaco (27 July 1915 – 16 October 1982) was an Italian operatic tenor who earned worldwide acclaim for his powerful voice. Del Monaco was born in Florence to a musical upper-class family. As a young boy he studied the violin but had a passion for singing. He graduated from the Rossini Conservatory at Pesaro, where he first met and sang with Renata Tebaldi, with whom he would form somet ...