Chelsia Chan

37K Plays
Hu Die Meng (Dian Ying " Di Er Dao Cai Hong " Cha Qu)
Zhi Qiu Xiang Ai Guo Yi Sheng (Li De Dian Shi Ju " Da Di EN Qing Zhi Gu Dou Jing Lei" Zhu Ti Qu)

Chelsia Chan, also known as Chan Chau Ha is Hong Kong based actress and singer-songwriter. Chan joined the music industry after winning the first prize at an amateur creative singing contest in 1975 in Hong Kong with the English song "Dark Side of Your Mind", which she composed with lyrics provided by her then-manager Pato Leung. Later, this became one of the her best remembered song. In 1976, at the age of 19, she won the leading actress award of Taiwan's Golden Horse Film Festival for the movie "Qiu Xia" (Chelsia My Love) which incidentally is also her own birth name. She is so far the youngest winner with the shortest screen life (seven years) in the Festival's history. Chan used to sing along with the Hong Kong group, The Wynners. Chan is married to Lion Group Chairman, Tan Sri William Cheng.