Da Mouth

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Da Mouth (Chinese: 大嘴巴; pinyin: dà zuǐ bā; literally: "Big Mouth") is a Taiwanese hip hop band made up of MC40, DJ Chung Hua, male vocalist Harry, and female vocalist Aisa. They are considered the Asian The Black Eyed Peas due to the group's diversity. The band's Chinese band name directly translates into "big mouth". Their English band name is derived from the concatenation of the Chinese character for "big" 大, which when romanized using pinyin becomes "dà", and the translation of the second half of their Chinese band name. They released their self-titled debut album Da Mouth on 16 November 2007. The group won Best Singing Group at the 19th Golden Melody Awards in 2008 and at the 22nd Golden Melody Awards in 2011.