Wilson Simonal

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Eu Quero Um Samba / Música Incidental: Só Danço Samba
Madalena (Versão Inédita)

Wilson Simonal de Castro, was a Brazilian singer, born in Rio de Janeiro on February 26, 1939. He also died in Rio de Janeiro on June 25, 2000. He was a singer of a great success in the 1960s and in the first two years of 1970 decade. He was married and had two sons: Wilson Simoninha and Max de Castro both are artists. He also had a daughter, named Patricia. Although relatively unknown outside of South America, two of his biggest hits were successfully covered by Sergio Mendes-- "Pais Tropical" and "Sá Marina" (the latter as "Pretty World" with English lyrics by Marilyn and Alan Bergman).