Stephen Rahman-Hughes

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Stephen Rahman-Hughes (sometimes credited as Stephen Rahman Hughes) is an English actor who starred as DCI Vikesh Dasari in ITV's Emmerdale. He has previously starred in Bad Girls, Doctors and Sky One Dream Team. Stephen is of English, Welsh and Malay ancestry. In 2006, Stephen starred as Hang Tuah in the Malaysian musical production of Puteri Gunung Ledang. The musical was staged in Malay, and because Stephen is not fluent in that language, he had to learn his lines phonetically. In 2010, he starred in a comical Radox shower gel advert as a Bollywood image-obsessed actor called 'Abhi Mumtaz', who then reveals his extraordinary hairy back. In 2011, Rahman-Hughes made his breakthrough into the silver screen as the lead actor of Malaysian film Hikayat Merong Mahawangsa. Stephen is a vocalist in the recently formed male opera group, Teatro, a group formed with 3 British members and 1 American.