Dead by April

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Dead by April is a Swedish melodic metalcore band from Gothenburg, formed in February 2007 by Pontus Hjelm and Jimmie Strimell. The current band lineup consists of Pontus Hjelm, Christoffer "Stoffe" Andersson, Marcus Wesslén and Marcus Rosell. They released their self-titled debut album in May 2009. In 2010 the two guitarists, Pontus Hjelm and Johan Olsson left the band however Pontus remained a songwriter for the band, later rejoining as the "session" guitarist and then later again as a permanent member. One of the founding members, as well as main vocalist of the band, Jimmie Strimell, left the band in March 2013 due to personal problems. In late 2014, Lead Vocalist Zandro Santiago left the band citing to his continuous pursuit as a solo artist. In a statement issued by the band of Santiago's departure, it was announced that current member Pontus Hjelm would be taking over as lead vocalist. As of late 2014, Pontus Hjelm remains the remaining original member.