Black Cards

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Brand New Bitch (Black Cards Remix)

Black Cards was an American electronic duo that formed in July 2010 as Fall Out Boy bassist Pete Wentz's new main project following the band's indefinite hiatus. Originally conceived as a four-piece electropop band, Wentz played bass guitar and wrote the band's lyrics, while singer Bebe Rexha filled in on vocals. The pair met when Wentz and producer Sam Hollander overheard Rexha recording demos at their studio. Nate Patterson and Spencer Peterson completed the lineup with guitar and drums respectively. Shortly after forming, the group released songs to YouTube, and one to iTunes. Initially the band had planned to write and record a full-length LP to be released in Summer 2011. However, in January 2012, after multiple delays and uncertainty about the band's future, the project came to a halt. Rexha left the band to pursue a solo career and Wentz reevaluated the band's future. Shortly after, the group released a statement saying that they were starting over and on January 26, they released a remix mixtape entitled Up the Anti – Volume 1. After releasing the mixtape, the band went on to say they would continue remixing tracks by other artists and would be releasing both unreleased tracks from the scrapped album as well as new, original material. Wentz also hinted at the possibility of an upcoming tour. Since that time, the duo has played at various shows and festivals across the U.S. and released a remix mixtape. In July 2012, Use Your Disillusion EP was released which they worked on with Twice as Nice. Black Cards became inactive as Fall Out Boy secretly recorded an album towards the end of 2012 and announced the end of their hiatus on February 4, 2013.